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by metro

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    These are about as DIY as it gets. All handmade by me, so none of them are PERFECT and no two look exactly the same, but hey it gives them character. The CD comes in an eco friendly sleeve and each disk is hand stamped, so the text on your disk might be a little smudged. Nothing major though. Included with the purchase will be a neat sticker and a code to download the album for free. Each CD sleeve will be hand numbered out of 20.

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"There is some absolutely ace songwriting ( and singing) happening here. It’s like some lost post punk classic from 1981, but doesn’t sound remotely dated. Metro’s newly released Together album is full of spare, confessional beauties (and hey, the vocals are pretty fine as well )." – Hope (

"Your songwriting is fantastic, some of the best I have heard in a while. Keep it up!" – Andrew Seymour (

"Together is the latest album from New Orleans singer/songwriter Metro, aka Beth Hollingsworth. The twelve tracks are intimate lo-fi gems, that are compelling in every way a record can be. Hollingsworth is a gifted songwriter, whose post-punk anthems stylishly draw one into her world, never to return." – (


released October 2, 2014

Beth Hollingsworth - Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Mastering



all rights reserved


metro New Orleans, Louisiana

i write music and probably spend too much time alone

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Track Name: Subordinate
time is on my side
is on my mind
tonight and every night
Track Name: Now Now
woke up with a fever that lasted all day
i told myself i don't wanna go away
i woke up with that feeling in my chest again
the one that says "hey, lets just be friends"
i said
baby baby baby it's 'gone be alright
if you trust in me we'll all be fine
just a little bit of me under your skin tonight
have faith in me all we do is lie
Track Name: I'm Still Waiting on You to Call
theres a crack in the floorboards
there are stains in my sheets
from where i cried over you for fifty seven weeks
and into my dreams
we kissed on your sofa
and the floor but all you said was "no more"
you're inside my brain now
but you have a boyfriend
and he's in your pants but
he's all you've got you keep insisting
and he'll drunk text you while we're kissing
my hands are down your sides
where his have been
but your skin feels no different than it did
Track Name: Selfish/Selfless
i wanna talk about you usually
but i'd rather just talk about me
i see you sitting in the passenger seat
i hope you're thinking of me
i wanna let go of everything
that isn't real but my head is spinning
a silhouette of myself beside me
in the passenger seat
i've seen a million of your faces in every day things
and i have seen the trees
in san francisco grow new leaves
but i'm still stuck on last summer it seems
Track Name: 2 Weeks
I’ve seen a lot of day dreams
but none of them are bad
I’ve seen a lot of wormholes
can they take me back
please just take me back

dreaming in the colors of your bathroom
the tile feels so cold against my face
got seven years up under this old belt of mine
but none of it is weight

I’ve had a lot of nightmares
and most of them are bad
I’m trying to forget about you yeah
dont worry about that
but I worry that I can’t
I worry about that

got a list of reasons why it failed
and all of them are my fault
got ink under my fingernails most nights
my wounds are filled with salt
Track Name: Espoir
i’ll go back to writing songs about girls who won’t listen and i’ll beat myself up again and again and
i’ll kiss your face in a dimly lit car
but it won’t be 'til morning that i see who you are
'cause the moonlight is a liar and i guess so am i
but we all make mistakes
and we’re all hung to dry
i’m a sinner wrapped up in the arms of a saint
you’re a little black dress that we both know will fade
in the morning what seemed like a pretty good thing
will seem bleak in the eyes of a girl with a purity ring
and i’m honest to you so you could at least do the same
let it be
set me free
let it ring let it ring let it ring
Track Name: Electricity
i am the electric hum
you hear when it rains in this suburban home
you are the rubber beneath my feet
keeping me safe from electricity
and as it puddles and pulls us in
i see you smirk i see that grin
if i died right now i'd be a better human
a better man
Track Name: Aeroplane
i fell asleep on an airplane
i woke up next to a man without a name
i fell asleep in your king sized bed
i woke up in a daze i don't know whose bed i'm in

i saw a ghost with a flashlight last night
i've been myself again
i've been wandering aimlessly
with a map drawn on the back on my hand

i see a city in the small of your back
i see myself in the smoke when you exhale
i've got a ticket to somewhere
and you've got a bitter taste left in your mouth
Track Name: Splinters
i’ve seen everything
and i know all the things
that go on inside you
i’ve seen better days
but i can still breathe nonetheless

splinters in the sheets
and water in-between
getting dressed and staying clean
getting best at a routine and sundays

car alarms and dirty things
getting better every day i know this
i’ve been climbing all these trees
in search of you but i’m afraid
you don’t exist
Track Name: Shower
i dreamt you were in my shower
using all of my soap
but then you walked across my room
and through the wall just like a ghost
and i know that it's hard figuring out who you are
but its getting
yeah its getting really old
i dreamt you were in my bed again
i dreamt we were sleeping skin to skin
and i know that it's hard
figuring out just who you want
but its getting
yeah its getting out of hand
Track Name: May 17 2014
i fell apart
and i would know
i'll find your face and i'll carve it into stone
i'm floating
i'm going
and i think about you so think about me