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Apart - EP

by metro

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these were all tracks recorded in my attic, or tracks that didn't quite make in onto Together. They're a little sloppy, but i put my heart into every song. I hope you enjoy this.


released October 24, 2014



all rights reserved


metro New Orleans, Louisiana

i write music and probably spend too much time alone

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Track Name: I Was a Mess
i don't want to die alone
but I think I'll die alone
I don't wanna think about the plans that we have made
if I'm gonna be sleepin in this grave
these floors they creak this house is older than I am
and these walls have seen more love
than I ever will
I like the idea of your hands around my throat
and the idea of never letting go
Track Name: Top Bunk
i wanna spend the night in your parents basement
i want you to tell me about things you did when you were a child
i wanna sleep on the top bunk in your bedroom
and pass down notes that say "hey, i love you"
and in the morning we'll eat breakfast and you won't look at me
and i'll go home and we probably won't talk for weeks
and i will call you but the phone will just ring and ring
i've gotten used to the sound of your voicemail
Track Name: Etch A Sketch
a letter in my head
said I'm better off dead
and you'll leave in the morning
and I'll pretend there is nothing
wrong with me

etched into my brain
are the words "see you again"
and I'll wait on my front porch
for what seems like an eternity
Track Name: Traverse
i found a place in my head
where i can block you out instead
some days i wish that i was dead
and others aren't so bad

I am a pen with no paper to write on
you are the hope that is making this less hard
you are the weeds growing in my backyard
Track Name: Start Over / Be Better
I woke up in my bedroom
with the curtains wide open
and the sun shining in my face
I asked
how did I get here
why did I do this and what is this bitter taste

I've made more mistakes than I have fingers
I've kissed more girls and lost more people

I am an asshole
I'm alone i'm alone i'm alone
Track Name: Judy Garland
a pretty face amphetamines
a huge success a million dreams
crushed like pills in a machine
we all wear out we're all the same

where do we go when we die?
if you're sad I won't ask why
and if all you want is sex
well i'll give you whatever you need

I know how it feels to feel all alone
to be happy one minute then nothing at all
I've fought my demons but they all come in my head
Track Name: Signfeld
I never want to leave this bed
I'm not depressed just a little sad
I'll close the blinds, ignore my friends
I'll pop some pills but skip my meds

I'll wake up wishing I was dead
but I'll probably just call you instead
you'll tell me things and take them back
I'll want to die all over again
you make me ache you make me sick
I'll pop some pills and skip my meds
I'll fall asleep on the bathroom floor
where the tile is cold but my thoughts are warm
Track Name: Start Over / Fuck
I want to die
and start over
come back
and be better
take pills
and not bother
with life or each other

I'll be better
when we're older
when I'm less of a bother
Track Name: Bleak
I am bleak
I am blind
I am everything you ever left behind
I am hollow
like the tree in your backyard that we carved out initials into
I heard they cut it down
which is kind of ironic because I haven't seen you around
I heard you moved up north where it's cold
where it snows and it snows and it snows
and it shows I haven't been eating as much
i guess my appetite left when our love did